Aerosoft F-14 X – review (6*) – startup and flight

The first part of Aerosoft's F-14X Megareview. From startup to shutdown - the flight and procedures are described in detail. My impressions? Excellent!

Israel’s Farm – ORBX – review (5*)

Private rural airport. Landing strip on a grassy meadow. Israel's Farm (WA56) by ORBX. A good addition to FTX Pacific Northwest.

Skiathos X – 29 Palms & Aerosoft – review (5*)

Greek St. Maarten! Visit Skiathos. Feel the charm of a small Greek island. Aerosoft & 29Palms brought this holiday destination to FSX.

Sequim Valley Airport – ORBX – review (4*)

Sequim Valley Airport for ORBX FTX Pacific Northwest. A nice small airport by ORBX. It's not perfect but it's strong points make up for little flaws.

FTX Pacific Northwest – ORBX – review (5*)

Pacific Northwest or PNW from ORBX's North American scenery series. How good is it and how to get the most of this scenery?

St. Maarten – FlyTampa – review (5****)

Three unique airports - St. Maarten (TNCM), St Barthelemy (TFFJ) and Saba (TNCS) in a FlyTampa scenery. It's a classic.

EDBC Magdeburg/Cochstedt 2015 – review (5*)

Magdeburg/Cochstedt airport by Captain7 and 29Palms. Small airport right in the middle of Germany and a nice place to visit in Flight Simulator X.

PAKT – Ketchikan International Airport – ORBX – review (6*)

There are good sceneries and great sceneries. There are also sceneries that take your breath away. ORBX Ketchikan International Airport is one of the last.

Atolls of Tuvalu – PacSim – review (4*)

Atolls of Tuvalu is an amusing scenery. Apart from Funafuti it is loosely based on the real world putting fun in front of realism. Surprisingly - it works!

KPHX Phoenix – Flightbeam – review (5*)

Phoenix Sky Harbor - this airport is huge! KPHX by Flightbeam fully deserves HD designation in it's name. KPHX HD is a great scenery of an amazing airport.

Zegrze Pomorskie – freeware – review (5*)

Zegrze Pomorskie has an unmistakable aura of a cold war era air base. This scenery is perfect for a warbird and can be a good home for GA plane. It's Free!

Kilimanjaro Airport 2015 – Aerosoft – review (4*)

Kilimanjaro. Beautiful scenery at the foot of the highest mountain in Africa can be a destination for Europe based airliner and a hub for local trips.