Aeroplane Heaven – VC10 flight engineers panel renders

Aeroplane Heaven shared several images of engineers panel of the VC10 they are working on.

[DCS] Cockpit previews of Razbam’s AT-27 Tucano

Razbam shared several cockpit images of their AT-27 Tucano for DCS.

DTG Flight School – summary of news #2

What we know about DTG Flight School? PPL and LAPL courses. Night lessons. 15 lessons at all. Flight School Locations.

Sandane Airport – ORBX – review (5*)

Sandane (ENSD) - tiny airport in Norway which is becoming more and more interesting in FSX and P3D. Should you come to Sandane? Yes. For couple of reasons.

SP1 released for Friday Harbor Airport

Service Pack 1 was released for Friday Harbor Airport KFHR by ORBX.

Torp – Sandefjord X – Aerosoft – review (5*)

Torp - low-cost airlines airport for Oslo, pilot training centre and popular ga airport. In FSX it is a beautiful destination for airliners and small planes.

DTG Flight School – Piper Cherokee preview

DTG Flight School shared three screenshots of their Piper Cherokee flying over Eagle Pilot School (KPRC) - their U.S. airport.

DTG Flight School Piper Super Cub – preview

Dovetail Games share some pictures of Piper Super Cub from Flight School software scheduled for release on May 24th. Look closely to see London scenery.

Aerosoft’s Berlin-Tegel X is released!

Aerosoft released Berlin-Tegel (EDDT, TXL) airport for FSX and P3D. Check out its features and promo video.

Open LC USA – ORBX – preview screenshots

ORBX's Ian Emms shared some very nice screenshots of their upcoming openLC USA landclass add-on.

TAP Tapini Airport – ORBX – review (5*) PNG#4

Tapini - the second PNG scenery by ORBX. Seven airports scattered around PNG mountains and jungle. Bush pilot's heaven.

vasFMC foolproof installation manual

vasFMC - foolproof installation manual. How to install vasFMC to be sure that it will work properly.