Sequim Valley Airport – ORBX – review (4*)

Sequim Valley Airport for ORBX FTX Pacific Northwest. A nice small airport by ORBX. It's not perfect but it's strong points make up for little flaws.

Israel’s Farm to Sequim Valley (WA56-W28)

Flying A2A Cessna 172 in bed weather from Israel's Farm (WA56) to Sequim Valley Airport (W28) over FTX Pacific Northwest.

Aircraft Speed Limits

Are there speed limits in the sky? How fast can aircraft fly below 10,000ft and at high altitudes? Can a civilian plane fly supersonic?

Airspace classes

ICAO Airspace classification standardizes the division of airspace worldwide and specifies air traffic services provided in each class.

FTX Pacific Northwest – ORBX – review (5*)

Pacific Northwest or PNW from ORBX's North American scenery series. How good is it and how to get the most of this scenery?

St. Maarten – FlyTampa – review (5****)

Three unique airports - St. Maarten (TNCM), St Barthelemy (TFFJ) and Saba (TNCS) in a FlyTampa scenery. It's a classic.

EDBC Magdeburg/Cochstedt 2015 – review (5*)

Magdeburg/Cochstedt airport by Captain7 and 29Palms. Small airport right in the middle of Germany and a nice place to visit in Flight Simulator X.

Alaskan Bush Pilot – how to set up your FSX

If you like CAVOK - do not read this. Should you prefer fog, rain, short landing strips - Alaska is perfect for you. Set up your FSX for bush flying.

PAKT – Ketchikan International Airport – ORBX – review (6*)

There are good sceneries and great sceneries. There are also sceneries that take your breath away. ORBX Ketchikan International Airport is one of the last.

My FSX & PC setup

What are your PC specs? Which add-ons do you use? How do you get this quality? This are common questions that I get. Here are the answers.

Atolls of Tuvalu – PacSim – review (4*)

Atolls of Tuvalu is an amusing scenery. Apart from Funafuti it is loosely based on the real world putting fun in front of realism. Surprisingly - it works!

KPHX Phoenix – Flightbeam – review (5*)

Phoenix Sky Harbor - this airport is huge! KPHX by Flightbeam fully deserves HD designation in it's name. KPHX HD is a great scenery of an amazing airport.