Around the world (westwards) in a Beechcraft Bonanza V35B.

From Warsaw to Warsaw.

Current position – Sogndal (ENSG), Norway. Grounded by icing conditions and low clouds over the North Sea. Next stop – Sumburgh (EGPB), UK.

I fly live on youtube with mostly Polish audience but I would like to invite you to join me! I’d be happy to chat in English, discussing this flight and answering questions.


  • Flights (landings): 4
  • Distance: 805 nm
  • Flight time: 6 godzin 0 minut
  • Aircraft / engine: 7,4 godzin
  • Fuel: 89 gal
  • Longest flight: EPBC-EKRN – 299 nm
  • VFR flights: 0
  • IFR flights: 3
  • Mixed VFR/IFR flights: 1


  • the same aircraft on each leg (Beech Bonanza by A2A Simulations)
  • no GPS, just the old radio-navigation equipment (VOR, DME, ADF)
  • no modifications allowed
  • live weather (Active Sky)
  • online on Vatsim
  • live on YouTube
  • adhering to real-world rules (law, procedures, safety considerations)

World Flight 2019. Part #1-3 (Poland to Norway)

From Poland to Norway. The first part of my World Flight in Beechcraft Bonanza. Check out what happened over Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.