vasFMC foolproof installation manual

vasFMC – foolproof installation manual. How to install vasFMC to be sure that it will work properly.

The difficulty

Some people complain that vasFMC does not work for them. They mention black screens instead of ND, PDF and so on. In some cases (like mine) – vasFMC worked for a moment after installation, then stopped working and I got black screens. Then – it disappeared at all and 2d panels were transparent when I opened them.

This is why you need to follow this installation procedure carefully. It assures that your vasFMC will work. It will work until it fails for some other reason – if it happens to you – go through my vasFMC fixes and find solution that will help you – or perform a clean installation.


This solution is dedicated to gauge version of vasFMC in FSX SP2, FSX Acceleration and FSX:SE.

Installation procedure


If you have any previous installations of vasFMC (if not – skip this part)

  1. Uninstall your vasFMC. If you have both versions (gauge and standalone) – uninstall both versions. Check the folders of both applications – if there is anything left – delete it manually and delete folders. Check vasFMC files were deleted from gauges and modules folders in your main FSX folder. Should you see anything vasFMC related – delete it.
  2. Open your fsx.cfg and delete all lines mentioning vasFMC under [Trusted] section.
    You will find fsx.cfg in:
    Vista, Win7, Win 8.1 and Win 10: system disc \ users \ [user name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ FSX
    Win XP: system disc \ Documents and Settings \ username \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ FSX
    FSX:SE: Steam \ Steamapps \ Common \ FSX \ Config
    or: system disc \ users \ [user name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ FSX

New installation

  1. Install vasFMC (gauge) into your main FSX folder (path will look like this C:/FSX/vasfmc/ – presuming your FSX folder is called FSX and it is located on C:).
  2. Install vasFMC (standalone) into the same folder (set your path during installation).
  3. Install AIRAC downloaded from appropriate provider (both I and my testers used Navigraph manual installers). I do not know if this step is necessary but after many attempts it find it’s way into my notes. But if you are installing vasFMC you will probably need current AIRAC so you may install it even if it’s not necessary to solve this problem.
  4. Run your FSX, select flight and when you in a plane on apron – run vasFMC – standalone version.
  5. Close vasFMC standalone and FSX.
  6. Add vasFMC (gauge) panels to your aircraft (follow the manual or look for my vasFMC tutorials in “How to” section).
  7. Run FSX and load the plane (with vasFMC panels).
  8. Check if it works.

11. Share your results with me, please

Send me an email of a facebook message. If you saw that someone struggled with vasFMC – please tell him about this guide.

I hope you will have a lot of fun with vasFMC in your planes.

vasFMC foolproof installation manual
Article Name
vasFMC foolproof installation manual
vasFMC - foolproof installation manual. How to install vasFMC to be sure that it will work properly.