Traffic pattern – video tutorial – part #1

Video tutorial on flying traffic patterns. Part #1 – Cessna 172 and a long runway at non-towered airport. 


Before you start watching – this is not a usual tutorial on traffic patterns. I will not explain the theory of patterns. It is just the pilot’s view of the pattern. With some comments that will help you understand what exactly am I looking at and doing.

If you need to learn some theory first – look at my article about Traffic Patterns.

Add-on information is located below the video.

Non-standard situation – long runway

This situation may be a bit different from the standard traffic pattern layout. Because of the 2500m runway and low weight of my Cessna (Pilot, 1 pax and 40% of fuel) I climbed to pattern altitude in departure leg. The pattern you will fly may look different if some of this factors change:

  • runway length
  • engine power / climb speed / aircraft speed
  • traffic
  • wind

I chose a long runway because I think that this is a very common situation for FSX pilots (due to availability of high quality airports with such runways).

There will be a next video tomorrow showing a different airport and a shorter runway. I suggest you watch several of my videos (two are coming up in next two days, and another will follow in a week).

Scenery and Cessna 172

I use Cessna 172 by A2A. This plane is available for FSX and P3D (there is a separate product in the store for P3d and one more for FSX/P3D version). I strongly recommend this plane! If you can not afford it – you can do the same flight in the default Cessna 172.

I flew in Zegrze Pomorskie. It is a freeware scenery that I also strongly recommend. My video may not show the full quality of this scenery – only after doing half of this flight I noticed some bugs – I placed it incorrectly below the landclass in scenery library.

I also use:


Controls: Saitek X52 Pro.

Head tracking: TrackIR (soon to be reviewed).

If you do not have the TrackIR – make sure that you have configured keyboard shortcuts to move your head and pan the camera (camera panning – HAT on your joystick, head movement – check Eyepoint shortcuts in your controls menu).

Comments, suggestions

I hope you liked my video. if you have any comments or suggestions – please share them with me!

Traffic pattern - video tutorial - part #1
Traffic pattern - video tutorial - part #1

Video tutorial on flying traffic patterns. Part #1 - Cessna 172 and a long runway at non-towered airport.