Time2Help 5 (March 20th, 2016) – Vatsim charity event

Fly on Vatsim and join charity event to help Kamil.


Original message: http://cassubian.pl/time2help5/index.php?sth=0&sth=0&sth=0


Kamil is 16 years old and since birth has been suffering from cerebral palsy. He does not walk, sit and play like all the kids around but he is playful, cheerful and always smiling boy. The boy has wonderful parents who love him and do everything to help him. Unfortunately, they encounter a serious impediment which is money.

Kamil is a son of Sebastian Budzyla, since 2008 the Pilot of Cassubian Virtual Airline. Together with its members, with the consent of VATGOV and with the support of the Board of PL-VACC, we ask for help today.

We can do it in two ways:

1) by flying a lot or even more – We have managed to obtain a sponsorship. The sponsor agreed to pay 1 PLN for every registered and done flight. Flying to the airport with procedural control will result in 2 PLN paid by our sponsor. If you have guts, try the PAR APPROACH in military base EPKS – it will be staffed with proffesional PAR ATC – our sponsor will pay 3 PLN for successful PAR operation!

2) by individual donations paid directly to Kamil’s sub-account within the Foundation Dzieciom “Zdążyć z pomocą” (for polish accounts only) or to main foundation account:

Bank Pekao S.A. I O/Warszawa
IBAN: PL 31 1240 1037 1978 0010 1651 3186 (EUR)
IBAN: PL 86 1240 1037 1787 0010 1740 2700 (USD)

Name: Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdążyć z Pomocą”
Address:: ul. Łomiańska 5, 01-685 Warszawa
FOR 2577 Budzyła Kamil Henryk
You can find above data on the foundation website as well. Just click on UK/German/French flag in the upper right corner of the webpage to get redirected to a translated web-page where you can find all the information about the foundation itself, including contact details as well as the above data.
PLEASE BE ADVISED: in order to make sure your money will be transferred directly to help Kamil, please make a note

“FOR 2577 Budzyła Kamil Henryk”

as a purpose for transferring money – this a special tag within the foundation that allows to easily recognize who is the donation for.

Every Polish zloty, every Euro, every Dollar, every coin goes directly to Kamil and is worth its weight in gold. We managed to raise PLN 9000,00 PLN for Kamil! (more than 2000,00 Euros!)

Many times as a community of virtual pilots, controllers and aviation enthusiasts, we showed how much we can do together. Let’s do it again!
If you need more slots for your flights or you want to see your VA’s name in the reservatios page, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact panel and give us all the details about airport(s) or VA that you are interested in.