ILS Approach and Crosswind Landing in Sumburgh

ILS Approach which ended in 18 knot crosswind landing in Sumburgh, Shetland. The third flight in my new Cessna 182.

News & Previews

Open LC USA – ORBX – preview screenshots

ORBX's Ian Emms shared some very nice screenshots of their upcoming openLC USA landclass add-on.

Narvik ENNK from ORBX – preview screenshots

Ian Emms and John Lovell shared beautiful screenshots of ENNK Narvik airport that is in development at ORBX.

Telluride (KTEX) – more images from ORBX’s Jarrad Marshall

Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX) – more images from ORBX's Jarrad Marshall. It seems that another beautiful airport will be published soon.

Dovetail Games continues ORBX partnership

Flight sim scenery specialist to work on new flight titles Chatham,…

ORBX Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX) – preview

ORBX's Jarrad Marshall showed preview images of the scenery he is working on. Telluride, Colorado.

ORBX ENSD Sandane Airport – on short final

ORBX's Ian Emms shared his first and final screenshots of ENSD Sandane Airport in Norway. I really can't wait to fly there!


TAP Tapini Airport – ORBX – review (5*) PNG#4

Tapini - the second PNG scenery by ORBX. Seven airports scattered around PNG mountains and jungle. Bush pilot's heaven.

Jacksons International Airport – ORBX – review (5*) PNG#3

Jacksons International Airport and several bush strips in the jungle - the first of Papuan sceneries by ORBX.

PNG #2 – FSX/P3D planes for PNG flying

Exceptional bush sceneries need equally good bush planes. Which planes in FSX and P3D can you use to fly over ORBX's PNG sceneries?

PNG #1 – Papua New Guinea – ORBX sceneries

It is a bush pilot's dream! Small villages hidden in tropical rainforest with bush planes as the only fast and reliable connection to the distant world. Find out how ORBX opens PNG to pilots.

L70 Agua Dulce – ORBX – review (5*)

A quiet Californian airport. A scenery that is just a little too beautiful to be perfect. I wish it was a bit more dusty, but this is the only complaint in the whole review! Agua Dulce - L70.