Hammerfest (ENHF) – ORBX – review (5*)

Small airport beyond the Arctic Circle. Expect bad weather and circle to land approach to a short runway. Hammerfest. Norway. A scenery by ORBX.

Innsbruck LOWI – ORBX – review (6*)

One of a few "must have" sceneries I can think of. An airport famous for its beautiful and difficult approach and a perfect scenery in Flight Simulator X and P3D. Amazing.

Valdez Pioneer Field PAVD – ORBX – review – 4****

Valdez - a good scenery, that did not charm me. It is a show of a great craftsmanship. But it lacks the unique magic of a real place

Narvik Airport, Framnes – ORBX – review (5*)

Narrow runway lies dangerously close to the waters of Vestfjorden and the unique ice-free harbor of Narvik. This adds to the thrill of winter approaches as if the often rising for wasn't scary enough.

Telluride – ORBX – review (6*)

Telluride in Colorado. This is how FSX/P3D sceneries should look like! ORBX's Jarrad Marshall did a great job and I absolutely love this place.

Sandane Airport – ORBX – review (5*)

Sandane (ENSD) - tiny airport in Norway which is becoming more and more interesting in FSX and P3D. Should you come to Sandane? Yes. For couple of reasons.

News & Previews

FTX EU Germany North released!

FTX EU Germany North released! Another European scenery released by ORBX.

Innsbruck in development! By ORBX’s Jarrad Marshall

ORBX's Jarrad Marshall is working on Innsbruck - one of the iconic airports of the world. Can't wait for its release and an opportunity to shoot instrument approaches among Alps.

openLC North America released by ORBX!

FTX Global openLC North America has been released

Narvik (ENNK) Video Tour – ORBX scenery preview

John Lovell shared a video of upcoming Narvik Airport scenery. It's breathtaking!

KBHB Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport – Preview

ORBX's Alex Goff shared preview screenshots of KBHB Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport he is working on.

SP1 released for Friday Harbor Airport

Service Pack 1 was released for Friday Harbor Airport KFHR by ORBX.