Moon, roads, rocks and trees – freeware for FSX & P3D

Another set of improved textures for FSX and P3D. Moon, roads, railways, rivers, rocks and forests in High Definition and for free!

Better ground textures for FSX and P3D (freeware)

Default FSX and P3D sometimes looks bad. Desert-like terrain in Europe or USA is an example of this problem. Solve this and other issues with free textures.

Grass HD for FSX and P3D (freeware)

Replacement grass for FSX and P3D. Beautiful texture with serious drawbacks. Is it worth it? I neither recommend nor advise against it. Decide for yourself.

FreeMeshX – freeware mesh for FSX and P3D

How to improve terrain shape in FSX and P3D? FreeMeshX - freeware mesh for entire world. The same (or better) quality than payware products! A must have!

vasFMC – freeware FMC for FSX

vasFMC is a freeware Flight Management Computer for FSX. How to upgrade your navigation system to fly RNAV routes and procedures in every plane you have?

Alaskan Bush Pilot – how to set up your FSX

If you like CAVOK - do not read this. Should you prefer fog, rain, short landing strips - Alaska is perfect for you. Set up your FSX for bush flying.


Malta – Palermo, Sicily (LMML-LICJ)

From Malta to Palermo in Italy. Nice route for a VFR flight over a freeware photosceneries (for both Malta and Italy).


Zegrze Pomorskie – freeware – review (5*)

Zegrze Pomorskie has an unmistakable aura of a cold war era air base. This scenery is perfect for a warbird and can be a good home for GA plane. It's Free!