DTG Flight School – summary of news #2

What we know about DTG Flight School? PPL and LAPL courses. Night lessons. 15 lessons at all. Flight School Locations.

DTG Flight School discourages users with the new video

How hard is it to make a good video in a game? With the new video Dovetail Games seems to be trying hard to discourage possible customers from buying DTG Flight School.


Dovetail Flight School – the best sim of the century?

DTG Flight School received strongly polarized reviews and I feel that some questions need to be answered. Is it the best sim of the century?

News & Previews

DTG Flight School – Piper Cherokee preview

DTG Flight School shared three screenshots of their Piper Cherokee flying over Eagle Pilot School (KPRC) - their U.S. airport.

DTG Flight School Piper Super Cub – preview

Dovetail Games share some pictures of Piper Super Cub from Flight School software scheduled for release on May 24th. Look closely to see London scenery.

DTG Flight School postponed (new release date – May 24th)

Dovetail Games Flight School releases May 24th. Since we announced Dovetail Games Flight School at the beginning of the year, we have been in constant communication with you via various forums and social networks such as Reddit, Facebook, YouTube

Dovetail Games continues ORBX partnership

Flight sim scenery specialist to work on new flight titles Chatham,…