Cessna 208B Grand Caravan – Carenado – review (4*)

Caravan - name explains everything. It's a workhorse - rightful successor of classic bush planes. 208B is my favorite Carenado plane for FSX. It's good.


King Air C90 GTX – Carenado – review (4*)

Air Taxi in FSX. FMC equipped. Featuring updatable database. Perfect? Almost. King Air C90 GTX Carenado is almost what I dreamed for FSX or P3D. Almost.

Cessna Reims F406 – Carenado – review (4*)

Caravan II by Carenado. Another pretty, well-handling and slightly simplified plane from this developer. What I thing of Cessna Reims F406? I enjoy flying this plane.

PNG #2 – FSX/P3D planes for PNG flying

Exceptional bush sceneries need equally good bush planes. Which planes in FSX and P3D can you use to fly over ORBX's PNG sceneries?

News & Previews

Carenado DO228 is getting ready! Preview images

Carenado DO228 is getting ready! Preview images …

Carenado CJ2 – preview

Carenado showed preview images of their upcoming CJ2. First operative panel pictures.

Carenado Aero Commander 500 – preview

Screenshots of Carenado's Aero Commander. Bob Hover's will be soon available for FSX and P3D. Can't wait!


Storm Bay – VFR route around Tasmania

Read about my flight around Storm Bay, Tasmania, Australia and learn how to plan your route and navigate using a map. Use this as an easy nav exercise.