Professional Flight Planner X - Aerosoft - review (5*)

Flight planning for virtual airline pilots. After two months of learning I am ready to review Aerosoft's Professional Flight Planner X. It's good! Read my review to know how good and why you need it.

Madeira X – Aerosoft - review (5*)

Madeira - holiday destination, beautiful island and one of the most extraordinary airports in the world. Aerosoft's Madeira X does a good job bringing this place to Flight Simulator X.

Night Environment Poland - Aerosoft - review (4*)

Night flying can be fun now! I hate the default FSX night lighting. Aerosoft's Night Environment Poland brings a change to my experience over Poland.

Aerosoft F-14 X – review (6*) - summary

Aerosoft's F-14 has everything I expect in a military aircraft for FSX. It's graphics, model and realism make it a must have for every warbird enthusiast.

F-14 X - Aerosoft - review (6*) - Scramble!

It's time to shoot something down. Two F-14s and helpless Tu-22 bomber in one-sided fight over ocean. Aerosoft's F-14 X and TackPack test and review.

F-14 X - Aerosoft - review (6*) - Great Balls of Fire!

Flameouts, compressor stalls, fires...... F-14A was not an easy plane to fly and Aerosoft's add-on may shock less experienced sim pilots. Let's break it!

Aerosoft F-14 X - review (6*) - startup and flight

The first part of Aerosoft's F-14X Megareview. From startup to shutdown - the flight and procedures are described in detail. My impressions? Excellent!

Skiathos X - 29 Palms & Aerosoft - review (5*)

Greek St. Maarten! Visit Skiathos. Feel the charm of a small Greek island. Aerosoft & 29Palms brought this holiday destination to FSX.

Kilimanjaro Airport 2015 - Aerosoft - review (4*)

Kilimanjaro. Beautiful scenery at the foot of the highest mountain in Africa can be a destination for Europe based airliner and a hub for local trips.

Wilga X - Aerosoft - review (4*)

Wilga - The triumph of thrust over aerodynamics. This Polish general aviation plane was brought to FSX by Aerosoft. The result is really good. My review.

VFR Germany 2 – Aerosoft – review (4****)

Aerosoft VFR Germany 2. Northern Germany covered with photoscenery, autogen and objects. It is not perfect, but it is good. I like to fly over this scenery.


Northern Germany - VFR route #1

Flensburg to Neumünster over German cities of Husum, Schleswig and Kiel. Low level VFR route great for everyone flying Cessna or Piper.