Northern Germany – VFR route #1

Flensburg to Neumünster over German cities of Husum, Schleswig and Kiel. Low level VFR route great for everyone flying Cessna or Piper. 

Piper over Northern Germany

Piper over Northern Germany

Flight Plan

I will fly a scenic route along a large zig-zag over the Northern Germany with turning points at the Northern See coast (close to Husum), Schlezwig and Kiel before I land in Neumünster. Along the way I will overfly several airfields from German Airfields 2 – Nordlichter scenery package.

Flying at 2500 feet (3000 over military airport in Schleswig) keeps my route in class G and E airspace.

I planned this route in:

You can check the nav log here:

Planning for VATSIM

As I will be flying in uncontrolled airspace (E class is uncontrolled for VFR flights) I am not obligated to fill the flight plan but I will do it in a simplified form just to make my intentions clear for every controller or pilot nearby. That is why I enter airport codes in Route section of my VATSIM flight plan (“EDXJ, ETNS, EDXC, EDHK”). In real world such route should be filled by means of FIXes or bearings and distances from navaids (if I remember correctly – over Germany you should not use geographic coordinates). My declared altitude – 2800 feet.

I will be flying over a military airport. D class controlled airspace around it is active in certain hours (in real world). If you are flying on VATSIM and you plan crossing this airspace – text the controller first to ask if it is active or not.

Flensburg – EDXF

World war two history is my first association with Flensburg. Admiral Doenitz’s chose it’s naval base for his government capital on the last days of war.

More practical and pleasant information – my friend says that the local brewery has a good beer – Flensburger. If you are interested in statistics – there is a strong Danish minority leaving in and around Flensburg – a reminiscence of Danish rule over Schleswig and Holstein duchies that ended after a war with Prussia in nineteenth century.

I can not remember where this screenshot was taken…


Flensburg airport has a single paved runway and two grass runways. I am taxiing over grass in direction of the main runway.

Engine runup



Flensburg is one of my favorite cities in VFR Germany North photoscenery. I just departed and now I am circling the city until I am over the airport again. Now it is time to turn west.

Farewell to the airport

A7 Autobahn and Bundesstraße 200

I should be flying 208 heading but it is so much easier to just find a junction of A7 Autobahn and Bundesstraße 200 and then follow the latter road. You can see this junction on the screenshot – this is where I turn in direction of Wanderup town (on the screen below).


Husum Schwesing – EDXJ – there is a fence in the middle of runway!

Did you know that there was something called decoy airfield? Husum Schwesing was build as a decoy to lure allied bombers looking for a real Luftwaffe airfield in Husum. You can notice traces of Husum base on a satellite photos – it is located on the outskirts of this town.

After being a decoy till the end of war it was taken by the British who used it for some time as an emergency landing site. In 1946 or 1947 it war rebuilt into a proper airbase and later given to the Luftwaffe. It became a base of German JaBo (JagdBombers – fighter bombers).

Today military owns the northern part of this airfield where Patriot SAM site is located. The civilian area is located on the southern side of the fence that crosses the runway in the middle. Please remember that the threshold is displaced by approximately 1,5km. You will find the fence in German Airfields 2 – Nordlichter scenery!


Turning for a low pass

If you look at the hardened hangars and winding taxiways you will have no doubts that this was a military air base.

Peaceful side of Husum – the Northern Sea and grassy meadows along the coastline.




I take Bundesstraße 201 from Husum to Schleswig (you will notice that my flying over Germany is not that different from driving). I am heading east. The visibility is so good that I can see Schlei bay early and I no not need to care about the road. Schlei is a long and narrow inlet of the Baltic Sea which reaches Schleswig 20 miles inland. I am still at 2500 feet – if there was ATC online – I would be asking if the class D airspace is active. If it was – I would need permission to transit it.

Schleswig and Schlei

Schleswig Military Air Base

Schleswig Kropp private aerodrome

There is no ATC online so I gave myself clearance for class D airspace transit and midfield crossing of the military airport. A moment later I am flying over Schleswig Kropp private aerodrome – it is located inside of this class D airspace, very close to the air base.

Now I am turning east – heading for Baltic Sea.


My next waypoint is Kiel. I am searching for Wittensee somewhere south of my route and then I follow a blue line of Kiel Canal which connects Baltic with the North Sea.

Wittensee (far) and Bistensee (close) from passengers point of view

Wittensee on the right, Eckernforde on the left

Approaching Kiel Holtenau (EDHK) I keep following the Canal. There are nice scenery objects here – locks, bridges and many characteristic buildings of this port and city. Unfortunately – some of them cause a serious performance issues.

Approaching Kiel

Short Final

Climbing after a low pass

Locks – the best part of this scenery

South to Neumünster

No I turn back to my favorite method of navigating over Germany – all I need is a motorway (Autobahn) that leads me to my destination.

This one will be ok – junction of A210 and A215

A215 joins A7

I honestly do not know how navigating could be easier. A7 passes just next to the airport I am flying to.

Overhead join

I perform overhead join over Neumunster airport and approach from the west.

If you fly here – just remember that you should fly the northern pattern for a paved runway and western for the grass runway.

I am glad to land from western direction – it gives me a nice and safe approach. Eastern approach passes next to a radio or TV tower and requires flying low over a forest and the city.

You will find the airport documents here:



My plane:

Clouds and sky:

Northern Germany - VFR route #1
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Northern Germany - VFR route #1
Flensburg to Neumünster over German cities of Husum, Schleswig and Kiel. Low level VFR route great for everyone flying Cessna or Piper.