Malta – Palermo, Sicily (LMML-LICJ)

From Malta to Palermo in Italy. Nice route for a VFR flight over a freeware photosceneries (for both Malta and Italy).


The flight plan was quite straightforward – I departed Luqa Airport using Gozo VFR departure route, then crossed Mediterranean to Sicily, and then flew almost in straight line to Palermo. I used south-westhern VFR arrival for Palermo CTR.

In VATSIM flight plan I filled “DCT GOZO DCT DIRKA DCT ALOKU DCT CJSW1 DCT”. Gozo – for departure route, DIRKA fix is located at the border of Maltese and Italian airspace and ALOKU fix is easy to find in VFR flight as it’s close to Agrigento. CJSW1 is the name of south-western entry to LICJ CTR.

Look it up in



Italy uses modified semi-circular rule – flights in northern direction should use even altitude or flight levels. I flew at FL085 (8500 ft).

Malta photoscenery

There is a beautiful freeware photoscenery for Maltese Islands. You can find it in Avsim Library. It’s 1m/px and in terms of quality it is on par with most payware photosceneries.

Italian photoscenery

You can download a freeware photoscenery for the whole country here.

Italian freeware photoscenery has a resolution of 2m/px (or 2,4m/px). It’s quality is high for 2,4m/px photoscenery, but at lower altitudes it lacks details and feels awfully blurry. In case of this scenery – I try to fly above 3000ft.

Alternatively – there is a payware photoscenery from MegasceneryEarth.

For better mountains in Malta and Sicily I use FreeMeshX.

Palermo Airport

Palermo scenery is also a freeware that I strongly recommend. You can download it here. Quality is quite high for a freeware – the airport features custom buildings for terminal, tower, etc.


The plane you see on my screenshots is Beechcraft Duke (RealAir – V2).


2015-12-12_18-28-52-971.jpg 2015-12-12_18-39-15-51.jpg 2015-12-12_18-35-37-122.jpg 2015-12-12_18-36-37-157.jpg 2015-12-12_18-41-27-304.jpg 2015-12-12_18-44-16-546.jpg 2015-12-12_18-46-11-513.jpg 2015-12-12_18-48-58-892.jpg

2015-12-12_18-50-48-530.jpg 2015-12-12_18-51-25-642.jpg 2015-12-12_18-55-9-512.jpg 2015-12-12_18-56-39-791.jpg 2015-12-12_18-57-42-995.jpg 2015-12-12_19-12-34-435.jpg 2015-12-12_19-13-12-585.jpg


Malta - Palermo, Sicily (LMML-LICJ)
Article Name
Malta - Palermo, Sicily (LMML-LICJ)
From Malta to Palermo in Italy. Nice route for a VFR flight over a freeware photosceneries (for both Malta and Italy).