Madeira X – Aerosoft - review (5*)

Madeira - holiday destination, beautiful island and one of the most extraordinary airports in the world. Aerosoft's Madeira X does a good job bringing this place to Flight Simulator X.

FTX Northern California - ORBX - review (5*)

Northern California - the latest FTX region from ORBX. Good - as always. But how good exactly? My impressions and experiences with FTX NA NCA.

Belgium - MegasceneryEarth - review (4*)

Belgium by MegaSceneryEarth. The whole country covered in a high resolution photoscenery. I enjoyed this product. Read the whole review to know what is good and what you might find missing.

FTX Global openLC Europe - ORBX - review (5*)

openLC Europe is a great add-on that eliminates repeating texture pattern in FSX scenery. It also enhances Europeans scenerie and adds missing cities. I like it!

DA42 Twin Star - Alabeo - review (4*)

DA42 Twin Star - elegant shape and modern technology are joined in this beautiful twin. At last - Alabeo... introduced a proper DA42 to FSX and P3D.

FTX Global Vector - ORBX - review (5*)

Vector scenery - roads, rivers, forests and coastlines. In case of FTX Global Vector - even more. What change Vector brings to Flight Simulator X (and P3D)?

Boeing 777 – PMDG Part 8 Short Routes

When I started learning to operate PMDG 777 I needed short routes for my training flights. To keep them realistic I looked for the shortest routes real 777s fly.

Monterey Regional Airport - ORBX - review (6*)

Very good, amazing... that is what I think when I am in Monterey. Thanks to Jarrad Marshall and ORBX the route between Monterey and Palm Springs became my favorite in FSX.

Saeby (EKSA) - Vidan Design - review (5*)

Saeby (EKSA) - a tiny marvel published by Vidan Design. A small airfield with grass runways located in northern Denmark.

FTX Norway - ORBX - review (5*)

Norway. The land of Fjords, Trolls, Vikings. Land of Red, Yellow, and White Houses. Beautiful rendition of this country in FTX Norway scenery by ORBX.

FTX Global - ORBX - review (5*)

FTX Global - there is some confusion about this add-on. Is it a texture pack that costs $100 or a game changer? I can not imagine using FSX without it!

Boeing 777 – PMDG Part 7 Radionavigation

Back to the past - vor-to-vor navigation in Boeing 777. What to do if you want (or need) to use classic enroute or approach procedures?