PNG #1 - Papua New Guinea - ORBX sceneries

It is a bush pilot's dream! Small villages hidden in tropical rainforest with bush planes as the only fast and reliable connection to the distant world. Find out how ORBX opens PNG to pilots.

L70 Agua Dulce - ORBX - review (5*)

A quiet Californian airport. A scenery that is just a little too beautiful to be perfect. I wish it was a bit more dusty, but this is the only complaint in the whole review! Agua Dulce - L70.

ENNO Notodden Airport - ORBX - review (5*)

The first Norwegian airport by ORBX. A very nice one! It is an interesting location - you will find a public road crossing the runway so make sure your are right on the schedule when arriving in anything bigger than a Cessna 172. Welcome to Notodden!

Cloverdale Municipal Airport - ORBX - review (5*)

Cloverdale - this beautiful general aviation airport in California features the best local mesh I have seen so far in Flight Simulator X.

FTX Southern California - ORBX - review (4*)

FTX SCA - Southern California. And a large part of Nevada (including Las Vegas). Is it worth it? Yes - it is a good scenery, but read the whole review before you buy it.

FSX/P3D - must have add-ons

"What add-ons should I buy to make my FSX look like yours?" If you are new to Flight Simulator or Prepar3d - take a look at my "must have" list of add-ons.

Professional Flight Planner X - Aerosoft - review (5*)

Flight planning for virtual airline pilots. After two months of learning I am ready to review Aerosoft's Professional Flight Planner X. It's good! Read my review to know how good and why you need it.

Madeira X – Aerosoft - review (5*)

Madeira - holiday destination, beautiful island and one of the most extraordinary airports in the world. Aerosoft's Madeira X does a good job bringing this place to Flight Simulator X.

FTX Northern California - ORBX - review (5*)

Northern California - the latest FTX region from ORBX. Good - as always. But how good exactly? My impressions and experiences with FTX NA NCA.

Belgium - MegasceneryEarth - review (4*)

Belgium by MegaSceneryEarth. The whole country covered in a high resolution photoscenery. I enjoyed this product. Read the whole review to know what is good and what you might find missing.

FTX Global openLC Europe - ORBX - review (5*)

openLC Europe is a great add-on that eliminates repeating texture pattern in FSX scenery. It also enhances Europeans scenerie and adds missing cities. I like it!

DA42 Twin Star - Alabeo - review (4*)

DA42 Twin Star - elegant shape and modern technology are joined in this beautiful twin. At last - Alabeo... introduced a proper DA42 to FSX and P3D.