PNG #1 – Papua New Guinea – ORBX sceneries

It is a bush pilot’s dream! Small villages hidden in tropical rainforest with bush planes as the only fast and reliable connection to the distant world. Find out how ORBX opens PNG to pilots.


Available sceneries

I will get straight to the point. If you want to fly bush planes in PNG you should install the following add-ons (download / shop links):


All these sceneries require FTX Global Base. On my screenshots you can see both FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector. I reviewed both add-ons on C-Aviation:


PNG Holgermesh is free. It is necessary to have it installed when you fly to the airports included in these  sceneries.

Jacksons International Airport


Jacksons International Airports serves Port Moresby (PNG capital). It is the main hub for local airlines and a good base for local flights. You can also use it as a destination for airliners – its long runway will accommodate even the largest aircraft and ILS will help you land in tropical rain. Jacksons’ navaids are also very helpful if bad weather catches your Twin Otter.


“Civilization” ends right after the suburbs of Port Moresby and long before you reach Kokoda – a small settlement in the valley surrounded by mountains. But still – Kokoda, with it’s almost flat and quite long runway, is far more “civilized” than any other place you will you fly to in this area. It’s a nice airport – you can even take off and land both ways! Enjoy it – you will not be able to do this at other airports of these sceneries. (Actually I recommend northern departures and southern landing direction if you fly anything heavier – the runway is slightly sloping in northern direction).

Mountainous settlements – Kokoda Track

Did you know they still can not decide which name is correct – Kokoda Trail or Track. There is some confusion because of the differences in British, Australian and American English.

During the second world war it was a place of a heavy fighting by Australian and American soldiers against the Japanese. Just imagine fighting along the trail that in places is just two feet wide and is surrounded by impenetrable jungle. Because of this – supply drops and airlift was very important half a century ago and airplanes are still the best means of transportation in this area today. Whenever a village needs to sell their crops or bring some goods in – they need to charter a plane. Planes also serve missionaries who work in this area.


Get my map in hi-res

The scenery includes nine airstrips:

  • Milei
  • Boridi
  • Kagi
  • Bodinumu
  • Nadunumu
  • Efogi
  • Myola
  • Timkenumo
  • Manari
  • + a helipad and monument in Isurava

The elevation of these airstrips adds to the challenge – they are 1900 to 6400 feet above sea level so you will find your planes performance slightly reduced.

Enhanced airports

This scenery also includes 20 enhanced airports across the whole PNG. If you know any FTX regional scenery or the FTX Global freeware airport packs for Europe and North America – you will find something similar here. If you do not know this type of sceneries – expect a simple airport with corrected runways and taxiways and some additional objects by ORBX (terminal buildings, hangars, small items, people). I like this enhancements – they open a previously “unflyable” airport as a destination for me.

Tapini Airport

Tapini Airport is probably the most famous of airports included in this scenery. There are seven in total and they are located some 20 to 60 miles north-west from Kokoda Trail (and roughly 40-70 from Port Moresby).

Just like in the previously described scenery – this includes sloping, one way runways, difficult approaches and small villages surrounded by high mountains. There are seven villages/airstrips:

  • Tapini
  • Woitape
  • Fane
  • Ononge
  • Koispe
  • Asimba
  • Yongai

Emo Mission

Emo Mission (mission meaning the place of worship) is located east from Kokoda. When you arrive there do not miss the lovely waterfall just ahead of you (when departing).

Emo is a freeware expansion for the Jacksons Airport scenery.

Download links:

PNG #1 - Papua New Guinea - ORBX sceneries
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PNG #1 - Papua New Guinea - ORBX sceneries
It is a bush pilot's dream! Small villages hidden in tropical rainforest with bush planes as the only fast and reliable connection to the distant world. Find out how ORBX opens PNG to pilots.