Bronco X – Aerosoft – review (5*) – 4/4 (summary)

Bronco pushes the limits set by FSX creators. This is why it deserves special attention. I enjoy it a lot. Few minor issues had kept me from giving it the sixth star, but it more than deserves the five. If you ask me – you should buy it!


Pros and cons

What I like in Aerosoft’s OV-10?

  • great 3d model (exterior and interior)
  • wear in cockpit
  • advanced failure modes
  • realistic turboprop engines (very rare in FSX)
  • T76 engines handling
  • engine inlet icing and flameouts
  • systems (mostly the electrical system)
  • flight model
  • sounds
  • performance
  • 2d panel with checklist

What I do not like in Bronco X?

  • flaps (check the 2nd part of this review)
  • engine failure symmetry (check the 3rd part)
  • sound issues (described in this part)

What can be improved?

  • manual
  • external textures
  • TacPack support and working weapons would would make a great addition

Summary – 5*****

Bronco extends the limitations of the Flight Simulator X in terms of how it simulates turbine engines. Aerosoft recreated them perfectly. And this is only the first of many advantages of this add-on. It simulates various failures, the systems are carefully coded and you can fly it with the real world manuals. All this places Bronco X among the best aircraft for FSX and P3D. Although I had some issues with this plane – they do not change the very positive impression Bronco made on me. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in military planes and I also recommend it to any general aviation flyer – because this is a versatile plane that you will use with please just cruising around…

Contents of this review:

I would like to extend previous parts of this review

As my “megareviews” do not follow any standard script like the normal reviews – I have skipped some parts that you may be interested in. Let me make up for this now.


Almost perfect… and a little buggy. When I fly Bronco from the cockpit I enjoy the sounds. And you need to know that I generally do not mind sounds at all – in most of my reviews I only mention sounds when they are extremely well created or when something lacks sounds. So this is the first case – just listen to these lawn movers… errr… I meant to these T76 engines. Yes – that is how the geared turbine sounds. I even went on youtube to check if this awful sound is real. It is. Some lawn mover manufacturers may be offended by this comparison.

What else? There are almost 500 sound files for Bronco X. It’s more than any other add-on I check uses. And by far!

I think it may also be a reason why the sound… fails. When I switch views from external to cockpit view the sound often goes out. And it’s silent for a minute or two. Then it picks up again.


This is something that you should take a look at! At first – just do a normal take off from a paved runway. When accelerating gently pull back on the stick. You will notice how the nose raises. It’s a normal thing. But pause the sim and look at you plane from the external view. The front wheel is is still on the ground. The distance the front wheel travels on it’s arm is so large that you will clearly notice the nose raise.

Then go to an unpaved runway. Or a rough one – it is even better. And look how the gear animation works on each bump. It’s just beautiful.

This only shows how Bronco was designed. It has oversized tires and sturdy suspension that should withstand any surface you can imagine. Just take a look at this video done during prototype tests:


I do not know how I could missed this earlier. Maybe I did not write about this because I was embarrassed that I did not know if I should call this device “spoiler” or “spoileron”. The difference is still not completely clear to me – as this devices clearly work as a spoilerons but they are called officially spoilers (I did my homework).

What I am writing about are these four orange plates that extend from the wing when pilot banks. Due to spoiler extension the wing looses lift and the aircraft banks faster (in direction of the extended spoiler). Nicely done.

At the image below I am leveling out – hence the spoilers deployed on the right wing.



Unfortunately Aerosoft’s OV-10 does not feature live weapons. You cannot drop bombs, you cannot even jettison them.

The closest thing to an actual attack is a simulated attack – the gunsight works (although it is not adjustable).

2d checklist

I like how Aerosoft equips its planes with checklist that are available from 2d panel in cockpit. It comes very handy and makes my desk a little cleaner without paper checklist laying around.

Performance – perfect

I did not see an adverse effect of Bronco on my FSX. When compared with other add-ons on its level – it is the best. Compared to some payware planes I have – it is so much better that I can not understand where the difference comes from.

Who should buy it? Everyone!

I know that I am repeating myself but it something that I feel very strongly about. You should have this plane.

I still wonder why Aerosoft chose this plane. It is so highly unusual and I do not think it was a bestseller. It looks like… ok – I do not swear but I wanted to. It is not a famous plane. It is not even a well known aircraft. It is just a shy workhorse from a conflict that in public opinion was monopolized by a Huey helicopter… So they chose this plane and they made something extraordinary for FSX. And I suppose that most people go by this in the add-on store and thinks – why would I buy it? So let me give you some reasons:

  1. It’s a pleasure to fly. Think of a King Air which could do full aerobatics. Included intentional spins and other maneuvers that many planes are restricted from.
  2. View the world from the glasshouse. Extended cockpit nacelle and the glasshouse canopy gives you unrestricted view forward, to both sides, up and even partly down (and I mean – vertically down). Just compare this with a narrow strip of windows of your usual GA plane.
  3. It’s like an SUV. If you prefer long paved runways – you will have a comfortable ride. But if you need to go into the bush – just fasten your seat belts tighter and go wherever you desire.
  4. And go there fast. It will easily fly 220 knots at low level. 230-250 if you are pushing it to the limit.


Quality to price ratio – it’s a deal

30 Euro for such a plane? It’s a deal. Period.

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