Poland in FSX & P3D – scenery guide

What are the best sceneries to fly over Poland in FSX and P3D? This is my selection of regional sceneries and airports.

The default FSX scenery of Poland is terrible. You will hardly be able to navigate using roads (many main roads are missing), rivers (the largest river in Poland is missing on a 200-300km distance!). Instead of lakes, you will often find desert (in the middle of Europe!). But there are solutions to each of these problems.

If you are in a hurry – the links are grouped at the end of this text

Today I would like to show you how to improve the FSX scenery for Poland. I will discuss global and pan-European add-ons (I use ORBX Global line of products but I will suggest alternatives too) and airports. If you are looking for some freeware add-ons – you will find them here as well.

Regional sceneries

You have a choice between:

  1. ORBX Global (Base + Vector + openLC Europe)
  2. Ultimate Terrain X Europe v2 (UTX Europe v2)
  3. VFR Poland – low-res photoscenery

1. ORBX Global

I probably don’t have to introduce ORBX’s Global to you – there are three products that you need to improve Poland:

If you are unfamiliar with ORBX’s Global products – please read the reviews. But in short – Global Base improves FSX (P3D) ground textures. Instead of a strange desert-like looking ground in the middle of Europe, you will see authentic fields, meadows, forests. Vector adds vector sceneries – roads, rivers, lakes, shorelines, etc. ORBX’s openLC adds landclass (terrain type definition – tells the simulator if a terrain should be covered in urban textures or grass textures, or any other of more than 100 types). openLC also improves the textures with images that are better adjusted to the region.

fsx-3.jpg fsx-2.jpg

How does it work? I am quite satisfied. When I navigate visually I almost always recognize roads and bodies of water that I marked on my charts. Only the newest roads (built in recent 3-4 years) are missing or partly missing. A reader pointed to me that openLC missed several small towns, but generally – nearly all villages and towns which I tried to recognize were in the exact place I looked for them. With 3 exceptions (as pointed by my readers) I never flew a route where I would find such a missing town.

Visual impressions – best from my selection.

fsx-4.jpg fsx-1.jpg

UTX – Ultimate Terrain X Europe v2

Updated and improved version of the Ultimate Terrain X. It contains both vector data and landclass. It does not contain textures.

How does it work? When compared with ORBX’s Vector it is slightly more current (although some roads built in recent years are missing too). In those few places where a small town was missing in ORBX’s openLC – it was included in UTX. On the other hand – the quality and precision of landclass depiction are lower than openLC’s.

In terms of bodies of water – all rivers, lakes and even larger streams are visible in both these add-ons. Only the smallest ponds or basins make a difference – they seem as they were distributed between those add-ons – some appear in UTX, and some in ORBX’s Vector. Again – I prefer Vector, but this is may be just my personal preference.

Visually the biggest downside of UTX is its lack of textures. This can be solved by ORBX Global Base (UTX is compatible) or Ground Environment X (GEX) texture set for Europe. But I find openLC + Vector nicer.

VFR Poland – photoscenery of western Poland

I wrote an unfavorable review of VFR Poland on my Polish blog (rated 2 or 3 stars depending on users needs). I think I did not find time to translate it (nor would I find pleasure in doing so).

What I wrote back then was “a sad necessity”. Since then Vector+openLC and UTXv2 appeared the “necessity” is no longer a necessity – it’s just the worst choice of three. Flying over a low-resolution photoscenery (2,4m/px) isn’t fun at low altitudes and paying 70 euros for only half of Poland makes no sense for me to have a photoscenery for airliners.


Currently, I use FreeMeshX.

Night – Night Environment X

I use Night Environment X from Aerosoft. Check out my review.

There is a similar product from Taburet – it is slightly cheaper if you find it on Simmarket’s sale (it appears on almost every sale they do). Unfortunately – I cannot share my experiences with this product.

VFR reporting points

If you fly VFR into one of the large airports – you are supposed to follow VFR routes and use VFR reporting points. Finding them may be difficult over the default or even over an improved scenery. So-called “VFR Chimneys” will make it easier. This scenery adds red and white chimney for each VFR reporting point. It’s actually quite useful as even with the best sceneries some points (like warehouse or church) may not be visible. To install it – download Wizualizacja punktów VFR dla FIR WARSZAWA on PL-VACC’s website. The scenery includes reporting points for all civilian airports with IFR traffic. It does not include military reporting points or reporting points for VFR-only airports.

I suggest you do not install the smoke effect – it’s ugly.


You need two sceneries to change Warsaw into something amazing. Both sceneries come from Drzewiecki Design:

Warsaw City X includes:

  • photoscenery of Warsaw (and surrounding area)
  • landmarks (skyscrapers, stadiums, famous buildings, bridges, industrial areas)
  • autogen
  • Modlin Airport (EPMO)
  • small VFR airports: Babice (EPBC), Chrcynno (EPNC), Sobienie (EPSJ) and Góraszka (EPGO)
  • heliports
  • several small airfields in “lite” version

fsx-14.jpg fsx-5.jpg fsx-3.jpg

Drzewiecki Design’s Warsaw is a great add-on for anyone flying VFR. With this scenery, you can easily find your way in complicated airspace over Poland’s capital city. On the other hand – this is a very detailed scenery and it’s pretty heavy on my PC. It may be hard on users who have low-end GPUs and it may cause OOMs when you are landing a “heavy” aircraft after a long flight (it happens on PMDG’s Boeings especially when I land on EPWA Okecie Airport)

Warsaw (similarly to all Drzewiecki’s products) has a simplified demo version for those who only want to use the correct airport layouts and basic features of the scenery. The demo is free – get it on Drzewiecki Design website.

fsx-13.jpg fsx-2.jpg


EPKK Kraków-Balice X (Drzewiecki Design again) covers the airport and the city of Kraków. It was published in 2012 and since a lot has changed on the main apron in Kraków – make sure you use the charts provided with the scenery or the ones downloaded from PL-VACC website instead of the current charts from AIP.

In terms of graphics on the airport – this is my favorite scenery by Drzewiecki Design. Models are nice and the textures are amazingly realistic. The city is different – Kraków was the first scenery by Drzewiecki Design to include a large city and it shows. That being said – it’s still a nice scenery to fly VFR.

It lacks full compatibility with latest P3D versions.

fsx-6.jpg fsx-7.jpg

Polish Airports

Three sets of airport sceneries by Drzewiecki Design. For me these are “must-have” add-ons for Poland (I actually like them better than Warsaw or Kraków). Quality is high, performance – amazing and the price – unbelivably low for the number of airports you get.

Polish Airports vol. 1:

  • Katowice (EPKT)
  • Gdańsk (EPGD)
  • Rzeszów (EPRZ)
  • Lublin (EPLB)

The latest version was published in august 2016. Rzeszów includes the city.

fsx-4.jpg fsx-11.jpg fsx-10.jpg

Polish Airports vol. 2:

  • Szczecin (EPSC)
  • Łódź (EPLL)
  • Zieloną Górę (EPZG)

Published in 2012 (updated since then). Łódź includes a city. Lacks full compatibility with latest P3D versions.

Polish Airports vol. 3:

  • Poznań (EPPO)
  • Bydgoszcz (EPBY)
  • Wrocław (EPWR)

Published in 2012 (updated since). Wrocław and Bydgoszcz include cities. Lacks full compatibility with latest P3D versions.

fsx-10.jpg fsx-9.jpg fsx-8.jpg fsx-1.jpg

Other airports

Oksywie (payware)

Appron77 published military airport Oksywie (EPOK) – where Polish Navy aviation is deployed. I had a limited experience with this airport when it was a beta, but I liked it then and I think I can safely recommend it if you like a little unusuall airport.

Not compatibile with latest version of P3D.

Zegrze Pomorskie (freeware)

Absolutely amazing freeware scenery of a small airport. Once it was a military air base, currently it’s mostly abandoned. Read my highly positive review.

fsx-1.jpg fsx-2.jpg

Nowy Targ (freeware)

Excellent freeware airfield in southern Poland. Great for glider flights. Download it from Avsim.

Other recommended sceneries


Poland in FSX & P3D - scenery guide
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Poland in FSX & P3D - scenery guide
What are the best sceneries to fly over Poland in FSX and P3D? This is my selection of regional sceneries and airports.