ORBX EGCW Welshpool Airport – Released

Welshpool Airport (EGCW) was released today by ORBX. It’s the first airport made for FTX EU Wales.


ORBX product description:

Welshpool is the latest in a long line of airports from developers Andreas Hegi, Heiko Glatthorn, and Alex Goff. Previous works include KORS Orcas Island, 1S2 Darrington, and PAHO Homer. The first add-on airport for the Wales region is Welshpool (Mid Wales) Airport. Situated 4 kilometres south of the town of Welshpool, along the River Severn, this charming airfield is host to a lively general aviation scene. Mid Wales Airport is home to the Mid Wales Air Ambulance and host to an annual airshow. Welshpool was initially known as Pool but changed its name in the 1800s to distinguish itself from the English town of Poole. Its most prominent landmark, Powis Castle, sits atop the slopes lining the valley. The castle can be easily seen from the airfield circuit. Additional landmarks in the city include the two churches on the west side of town, Christ Church and St. Mary’s Church, along with two quarries to the northeast.

  • High quality 15 cm/px terrain on airfield
  • Surrounding countryside at 30 cm resolution
  • Realistic PAPI approach lights and runway end lights
  • Realistic HD textures created from on-site photography
  • Extensive control panel
  • Includes Powis Castle, St. Mary’s Church, and Christ Church in Welshpool
  • Includes most Orbx Flow tech
  • Expert 5 season colour matched imagery
  • By Andreas Hegi, Heiko Glatthorn, and Alex Goff

9DPVBo_2015-11-11_04-52-52-AM477cfb8c.jpg RLNekO_2015-11-12_12-34-24-AM133.jpg U6hBtS_5974a572ab4b6e82a958d09eae97c440.jpg hqmWs5_2015-11-12_12-34-26-AM614.jpg qohg6P_2015-11-12_12-34-25-AM787.jpg qjrThA_8d061e54e8d90164dd0a0ae331fafc8f.jpg luyVyG_199a92ae699a5b4e5f72475be724df04.jpg ilahOr_524720f69708a8497cb918e398fba3ef.jpg rK1h76_66fa125c4c59e37228d445ad6afc5528.jpg yo34Lh_2015-11-11_04-52-52-AM960b3ee1.jpg vNvgOS_3d7bd83a497abd349f58358e7ab75876.jpg

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ORBX EGCW Welshpool Airport - Released
Article Name
ORBX EGCW Welshpool Airport - Released
Welshpool Airport (EGCW) was released today by ORBX. It's the first airport made for FTX EU Wales.