Værøy X preview – Aerosoft

Preview screenshots of Aerosoft’s Værøy X airport in Norway. Lofoten islands are the perfect place to watch Aurora Borealis and this scenery includes the Aurora.


Værøy is a small community located on the southern tip of the Lofoten archipelago. Known for it’s unpredictable weather, long summer days and nights lit by the dancing auroras during the winter season.

Værøy X is an accurate recreation of the island, including both Værøy Airport (ENVY) and the newer Værøy Heliport (ENVR) located on the southern tip of the island.

The whole island is modelled in high detail to recreate the scenic terrain this part of Norway is known for. The airport itself is nestled at the bottom of a 450 meter cliffside on the northern side of the island, an area known for rapidly changing winds and downdrafts The scenery also includes a custom Aurora Borealis effect creating a majestic atmosphere during the dark winter months.

Feature list:

  • Highly realistic recreation of Værøy Island.
  • Photo scenery covering the whole island with seasonal variation.
  • Custom 30 terrain model, including sloped runway on Værøy Airport.
  • Realistic recreation of Værøy Airport as it was before it’s closure.
  • Fully custom approach, runway and PLASI lights.
  • High detail runway and taxiway textures utilizing specular and normal mapping. Realistic night time effects, including streetlights.
  • Custom windsock and flag animations.
  • Interior models for both the airport and heliport terminals
  • Custom models for the city and harbour buildings.
  • Aurora Borealis effect.
  • Configuration Tool included for optimal performance on a wide range of systems. Multiple animations including road traffic, flags, windsocks.

Of course this is another production of Jo Erlund. The man (and his team) is a scenery building machine!

ENVY_07.jpg.e5a3ee369deb741204f14302536a1794.jpg ENVY_08.jpg.92af5c7dd155da8365c8e71df6336e4e.jpg ENVY_09.jpg.49bb0354908b8501575518de69672759.jpg ENVY_10.jpg.15e22bea3d260953fcfa43742d9a554c.jpg ENVY_11.jpg.3d88c51a7b658ecc34bf13db36f843a2.jpg

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Værøy X preview - Aerosoft
Article Name
Værøy X preview - Aerosoft
Preview screenshots of Aerosoft's Værøy X airport in Norway. Lofoten islands are the perfect place to watch Aurora Borealis and this scenery includes Aurora.