SP1 released for Friday Harbor Airport

Service Pack 1 was released for Friday Harbor Airport KFHR by ORBX.

The service pack for KFHR is now available for downloading from the product page or the Support page

Changes in this patch are:

“Low Resolution (1024 Textures)” mode now affects ground poly as well as airport buildings
Added option to disable taxiway lights
Downscaled POI textures
Summer PR colour adjusted to better match PNW
PR lightmap moved to separate BGL (to improve loading time and performance)
Floating PAPI lights & AI aircraft
Sunken lighthouse model
Blue band in water at W39
Excessively bumpy runway at 61WA
Fixed 2W4 Kanaka Bay runway holes
Hardened apron area around terminal
Tweaked autogen density (reduced tree coverage by about 20%)

CQ555l_2015-11-30_01-41-43-PM104a.jpg IrXGa1_2015-11-30_10-34-12-PM618.jpg LwjgyB_2015-12-01_07-45-20-p.m.384.thumb.jpg.79b251cb547933e6312cb141dec2ebb1.jpg sN01qZ_c332e8e648cacc89f54be4ca37134dc5.jpg

Article Name
SP1 released for Friday Harbor Airport
Service Pack 1 was released for Friday Harbor Airport KFHR by ORBX.