ORBX KFHR Friday Harbor – preview

Everyone knows this airport! Friday Harbor – the default starting location in Flight Simulator X. Turbulent Designs creates a new scenery for ORBX. A preview pics by Iain Emms.

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How to takeoff? Lesson 3

How planes take off? Why planes turn left on the runway? Do I need flaps for takeoff? That's the trim? Today I answer these questions.

Taxi - basic ground operations. Lesson 2

Taxiing. A simple affair, especially for someone who has used the simulator before. But you still ask so the description will be thorough.

Learn to fly - simulator setup. Lesson 1

To learn you need a simulator software, a joystick, and an airplane. I suggest FSX or P3D, basic joy and Cessna 172.

Envtex - TOGA - review (5*)

How to make sky and clouds prettier in FSX or P3D? Envtex has an answer. But there's more - aurora borealis, HD grass, airport textures and waves!

FTX Germany North - ORBX - review (5*)

VFR chart moved into the sim. A detailed scenery of Northern Germany by ORBX. A surprise for me - I've never seen a regional scenery that included so many landmarks and custom objects!

A guide to ORBX products (Global, Vector, openLC...)

You often ask about ORBX products. How they fit into FSX or P3D?…