openLC North America released by ORBX!

FTX Global openLC North America has been released!


North America completed! We have now completed the FTX openLC North America pack after starting off with the northern half – Arctic, Alaska and Canada. openLC North America now covers an area over 24 million square kilometres with FTX Global custom textures and new textures unique to openLC. FTXG openLC as the name suggests, replaces the default landclass layer with higher detailed and a better variety of land types. This in turn creates a more varied and accurate terrain with FSX or P3D. It has been specifically designed to work with both FTX Global Base and FTX Global Vector as part of the total simulator overhaul. With FTX Global and openLC North America you can now begin to explore the vast and beautiful area of North and Central America, Greenland as well as the Caribbean islands and Hawaii. Make sure to check the photoreal volcanoes of Popocatépetl, Iztaccihauatl, Colima, San Cristobal-Casita, Telica & Momotombo as well in your travels.

Description by ORBX

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  • Hand crafted landclass for 24 million sq km.
  • Thousands of superb new textures
  • Greatly reduced texture repetition
  • Full five seasons support
  • New night lighting tech to major cities!
  • Made for FTX Global and Vector
  • Accurate cities, towns, villages
  • Each geographic area feels unique
  • 6 photoreal volcanoes in Mexico and Nicaragua
  • Plenty to explore!

Features – by ORBX

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openLC North America released by ORBX!
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openLC North America released by ORBX!
FTX Global openLC North America has been released