KBHB Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport – Preview

ORBX’s Alex Goff shared preview screenshots of KBHB Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport he is working on.


I am please to show off my latest airport, KBHB Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport in beautiful coastal Maine. This is the first east coast United States airport from Orbx. Designed to blend with FTX Global, along with optional additions of FTX Vector and the upcoming FTX OpenLC NA, this package provides a large area of coverage to explore Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. In addition to the highly detailed Bar Harbor Airport, the package includes all of Mt. Desert Island, one of the largest islands in the contiguous United States, along with over a dozen neighboring islands.

KBHB Bar Harbor is the fifth busiest airport in Maine, although in the summer vacation season it becomes one of the busiest in the state. It is currently serviced by Cape Air and PenAir utilizing Cessna 402’s and Saab 340’s, with upcoming service by Elite Airways this summer. The airport also hosts sightseeing operations, and a seaplane ramp.

On Mount Desert Island is Acadia National Park, the oldest American national park on the east coast. Mt. Desert Island is named for its bare mountains including Cadillac Mountain, the highest mountain on the United States east coast. Miles of beautiful mountains, evergreen forests, and rocky coastlines can be found on Mt. Desert Island along with coastal villages, particularly the town of Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor is named for its sand bar that spans the harbor during low tides.


-Highly detailed rendition of KBHB Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport
Large 850km2 coverage area between 60 and 90cm resolution. Includes Bar Harbor, Trenton, Mt. Desert Island, the Cranberry Isles, Blue Hill Bay, Frenchman Bay, and Little Duck and Great Duck Islands
-Highly detailed static aircraft including aircraft unique to Bar Harbor.
-Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion, night-lighting, and new advanced materials for Prepar3D ground polygons
-Custom landclass, vector data, and 5m LIDAR derived mesh
-VFR landmarks and POIs including, lighthouses, harbors, marinas, and more
Two lighthouses helipads
One unlisted airstrip and one abandoned airstrip
-Complete set of Orbx technologies such as ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, StaticFlow, and more
-General aviation AI flight plans
-Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX Global along with other Global products like Vector and OpenLC (Vector and OpenLC not required)



Now without further ado, Bar Harbor!




kbhb_10.jpg kbhb_13.jpg kbhb_14.jpg kbhb_15.jpg kbhb_17.jpg kbhb_18.jpg kbhb_2.jpg

kbhb_22.jpg kbhb_23.jpg kbhb_24.jpg kbhb_3.jpg kbhb_4.jpg kbhb_51.jpg kbhb_8.jpg kbhb_9.jpg

KBHB Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport - Preview
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KBHB Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport - Preview
ORBX's Alex Goff shared preview screenshots of KBHB Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport he is working on.