FTX EU Germany North released!

FTX EU Germany North released! Another European scenery released by ORBX.

Orbx bringt den Norden voran. Germany North takes the long anticipated step of FTX Regions into Europe’s heartland. A region that, in many aspects, is entirely different from any region done before. FTX Germany North covers ~70,653 square miles (~182,991 sq km) of densely populated terrain. The area extends to the borders of Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland and then south to the boundary of the upcoming FTX Germany South. You can explore a wide variety of landscapes from the scenic coastlines and offshore islands to the vast agricultural areas of the north German flatlands; the Harz Mountains; well-known rivers like Rhine and Elbe, extensive mudflats. The urban and historic metropolises of Berlin, Hamburg, Lübeck and many others are realistically portrayed and the differences between “East” and “West” are still noticeable. Other areas to look out for are offshore windfarms with helipads; military ranges and bases built by either NATO or Soviet partners – all of which have been recreated with detail and accuracy. Hand-placed custom landclass along with the road and railroad networks, powerlines, wind turbines, alley trees, and major vertical obstructions are included fortrue-to-life VFR flying. Many key points of interests, urban/industrial as well as natural are featured with local photoreal coverage that are fully annotated with autogen buildings and vegetation.