Aerosoft’s Berlin-Tegel X is released!

Aerosoft released Berlin-Tegel (EDDT, TXL) airport for FSX and P3D. Check out its features and promo video.


  • Realistic recreation of the airport Berlin-Tegel (EDDT, TXL)
  • Compatible with FSX, FSX SE and P3D
  • Seasonal changes
  • All airport buildings recreated photo real
  • Models and textures are based on original photos
  • High performance and outstanding visual appearance due to optimized modeling- and texture techniques
  • Baked textures for authentic shadows and light effects at buildings and on the ground
  • Roofs of the buildings were partly structured with detail- and specularmaps
  • Windsock animation based on wind conditions
  • Animated radar
  • 3D Approach-, runway, navigation and PAPI-lights
  • AGNIS/PAPA Docking system at the Jet way-Gates
  • Realistic night effects
  • Animated vehicle traffic and static people
  • Traffic configuration tool for optimal performance on as many systems as possible
  • High resolution photo scenery (50cm/pixel) in the area of the airplane boundaries with through lines and lettering detailed recreated apron
  • Big coverage with 1m/pixel photo scenery (ca. 50km²)
  • Hand-set autogen-buildings and vegetation on the whole photo scenery
  • AES compatible

berlin-tegel-x-02.jpg berlin-tegel-x-06.jpg berlin-tegel-x-13.jpg berlin-tegel-x-14.jpg berlin-tegel-x-15.jpg berlin-tegel-x-16.jpg berlin-tegel-x-17.jpg berlin-tegel-x-10.jpg

Aerosoft's Berlin-Tegel X is released!
Article Name
Aerosoft's Berlin-Tegel X is released!
Aerosoft released Berlin-Tegel (EDDT, TXL) airport for FSX and P3D. Check out its features and promo video.