Briefing - where to find charts and procedures?

Briefing 101 - locate the charts and procedure descriptions for your next flight. Guide to SID, STAR, approach and en route chart websites.

Magnetic Variation in FSX - problems and solutions

Why your GPS track is different than VOR radial you looked up on a chart? Magnetic variation in FSX is outdated - what problems it causes and how to fix it?

Magnetic Variation

Magnetic variation (or declination) is a simple problem that can cause serious trouble when you try to find your way in the sky. How to deal with it?

Aircraft Speed Limits

Are there speed limits in the sky? How fast can aircraft fly below 10,000ft and at high altitudes? Can a civilian plane fly supersonic?

Airspace classes

ICAO Airspace classification standardizes the division of airspace worldwide and specifies air traffic services provided in each class.