FSX Steam Edition #1 – First Steps

Flight Simulator X Steam Edition – installing necessary add-ons – SimConnect, FSUIPC and DX10 Fixer + one essential tweak.


Some of you ask me about my FSX setup. This is how I start – with three basic add-ons that are necessary (one of them may be considered optional). They ensure that my FSX (Steam Edition in this case) runs smoothly with most add-ons. If you wander whether FSX:Acceleration or older FSX needs them – yes it does (apart from SimConnect that is already included).

SimConnect – freeware module

SimConnect was delivered with FSX:SE – you just need to find it, pick the right version and install it to make sure that it works with your add-ons. You should install all three versions.

How to find the SimConnect?

Look inside your FSX:SE folder. The exact path is:

Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces

where “Steam” is the main Steam folder on your PC.


FSUIPC is an interface software developed by Peter Dowson. It enables some features of add-on planes (both payware and freeware). In an unregistered (freeware) version it’s all it does. Registered version (payware) gives you many additional tools. For now – you can stay with the freeware. I will describe all advantages of the payware version another time.

How to download the FSUIPC?

You can download it from developer’s page:


After you install it – make sure that you accept this software privileges on the first run of FSX.

DX10 Fixer

The only Payware software that I consider really necessary! It’s about 30 Euro (EU VAT tax included – it may be a little cheaper in your location).

DX10 fixer does what it’s name says – it fixes DirectX10 mode in FSX – giving you better quality and performance. It’s optional and you can stay with DX9 or accept the drawbacks of FSX’s DX10 mode but in my opinion – it’s absolutely worth it’s price!

Where to buy it?

You can buy it on the developer’s page:


Essential Tweak – SmallPartRejectRadius=0

You need to place SmallPartRejectRadius= tweak in your fsx.cfg to prevent small objects from disappearing in a distance (for example other planes usually disappear in less than 0.5 mile distance).

Read a detailed manual for this tweak here: SmallPartRejectRadius.

FSX Steam Edition #1 - First Steps
Article Name
FSX Steam Edition #1 - First Steps
Flight Simulator X Steam Edition - installing necessary add-ons - SimConnect, FSUIPC and DX10 Fixer + one essential tweak.