Flight Simulator 2017 - scam alert

Are you eager to try the new Flight Simulator 2017? Watch out - most likely it's a scam!

Poland in FSX & P3D - scenery guide

What are the best sceneries to fly over Poland in FSX and P3D? This is my selection of regional sceneries and airports.

Black Friday 2016 - hot deals / recommendations

There are hundreds of offers on Black Friday - some good and some mediocre. I listed my favorites.

Plane on a conveyor belt - explained / debunked

Imagine a 747 is sitting on a conveyor belt, as wide and long as a runway. The conveyor belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels, moving in the opposite direction...

DTG Flight School - summary of news #2

What we know about DTG Flight School? PPL and LAPL courses. Night lessons. 15 lessons at all. Flight School Locations.

DTG Flight School discourages users with the new video

How hard is it to make a good video in a game? With the new video Dovetail Games seems to be trying hard to discourage possible customers from buying DTG Flight School.
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Military callsigns

Military aircraft callsigns. How Air Force F-16 is called on the radio? And what callsign does a C-130 use?

DTG Flight School - summary of news

DTG Flight School - what do we know about the new flight sim from Dovetail Games? 64-bit architecture. ORBX cooperation. 3 planes only. And no add-ons. This is how the "entry level" sim looks like

Time2Help 5 (March 20th, 2016) - Vatsim charity event

Fly on Vatsim and join charity event to help Kamil.

FSX/P3D - must have add-ons

"What add-ons should I buy to make my FSX look like yours?" If you are new to Flight Simulator or Prepar3d - take a look at my "must have" list of add-ons.

ORBX EGCW Welshpool Airport - Released

Welshpool Airport (EGCW) was released today by ORBX. It's the first airport made for FTX EU Wales.

Black Friday 2015 - recommendations

Hundreds of FSX add-ons on SALE! What to choose? Do not miss any interesting offer! My guide to the biggest FSX sale this year.