FTX Global Vector - ORBX - review (5*)

Vector scenery - roads, rivers, forests and coastlines. In case of FTX Global Vector - even more. What change Vector brings to Flight Simulator X (and P3D)?

Monterey Regional Airport - ORBX - review (6*)

Very good, amazing... that is what I think when I am in Monterey. Thanks to Jarrad Marshall and ORBX the route between Monterey and Palm Springs became my favorite in FSX.

Saeby (EKSA) - Vidan Design - review (5*)

Saeby (EKSA) - a tiny marvel published by Vidan Design. A small airfield with grass runways located in northern Denmark.

FTX Norway - ORBX - review (5*)

Norway. The land of Fjords, Trolls, Vikings. Land of Red, Yellow, and White Houses. Beautiful rendition of this country in FTX Norway scenery by ORBX.

FTX Global - ORBX - review (5*)

FTX Global - there is some confusion about this add-on. Is it a texture pack that costs $100 or a game changer? I can not imagine using FSX without it!

Night Environment Poland - Aerosoft - review (4*)

Night flying can be fun now! I hate the default FSX night lighting. Aerosoft's Night Environment Poland brings a change to my experience over Poland.

Palm Springs - ORBX - review (6*)

Palm Springs - one of the best sceneries I've seen. Great models, perfect animations and good textures. Plus all the objects that bring it to life. 6 stars!

Juneau International Airport - ORBX - review (5*)

Juneau International Airport - a very good scenery of a remarkable airport. I like the atmosphere and character of this place. PAJN by ORBX - 5 star review.

Stewart Airport (CZST) – ORBX - review (5*)

A spectacular fjord, a glacier and a small town at the mouth of the Bear River. Stewart in Canada. ORBX's scenery is one of my favorite in FSX.

Sindal - Vidan Design - review (4*)

Sindal - a small airfield in the northern Denmark created by Vidan Design. As usualy with this developer's products - it's small and charming.

Israel's Farm - ORBX - review (5*)

Private rural airport. Landing strip on a grassy meadow. Israel's Farm (WA56) by ORBX. A good addition to FTX Pacific Northwest.

Skiathos X - 29 Palms & Aerosoft - review (5*)

Greek St. Maarten! Visit Skiathos. Feel the charm of a small Greek island. Aerosoft & 29Palms brought this holiday destination to FSX.