FTX EU Germany North released!

FTX EU Germany North released! Another European scenery released by ORBX.

Innsbruck in development! By ORBX’s Jarrad Marshall

ORBX's Jarrad Marshall is working on Innsbruck - one of the iconic airports of the world. Can't wait for its release and an opportunity to shoot instrument approaches among Alps.

openLC North America released by ORBX!

FTX Global openLC North America has been released

Carenado DO228 is getting ready! Preview images

Carenado DO228 is getting ready! Preview images …

Narvik (ENNK) Video Tour – ORBX scenery preview

John Lovell shared a video of upcoming Narvik Airport scenery. It's breathtaking!

PMDG DC-6 Update – Beta Testing Nearly Finished for X-Plane Release!

PMDG DC-6 nearly finished for X-Plane. Cloudmaster screenshots and more news about the next PMDG airliner.

PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies II: 747-400F preview

PMDG's Robert S. Randazzo released preview screenshots of their 747-400F and shared some news about the upcoming release.

nVidia GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 announced

nVidia announced two new Graphic Cards - a new flagship (GTX 1080) and a very interesting and affordable 1070. Expect them on the market in June and July.

Værøy X preview – Aerosoft

Preview screenshots of Aerosoft's Værøy X airport in Norway. Lofoten islands are the perfect place to watch Aurora Borealis and this scenery includes the Aurora.

KBHB Hancock County – Bar Harbor Airport – Preview

ORBX's Alex Goff shared preview screenshots of KBHB Hancock County - Bar Harbor Airport he is working on.

Aeroplane Heaven – VC10 flight engineers panel renders

Aeroplane Heaven shared several images of engineers panel of the VC10 they are working on.

[DCS] Cockpit previews of Razbam’s AT-27 Tucano

Razbam shared several cockpit images of their AT-27 Tucano for DCS.