How to takeoff? Lesson 3

How planes take off? Why planes turn left on the runway? Do I need flaps for takeoff? That's the trim? Today I answer these questions.

Taxi – basic ground operations. Lesson 2

Taxiing. A simple affair, especially for someone who has used the simulator before. But you still ask so the description will be thorough.

Learn to fly – simulator setup. Lesson 1

To learn you need a simulator software, a joystick, and an airplane. I suggest FSX or P3D, basic joy and Cessna 172.

Military callsigns

Military aircraft callsigns. How Air Force F-16 is called on the radio? And what callsign does a C-130 use?

Traffic pattern – video tutorial – part #1

Video tutorial on flying traffic patterns. Part #1 - Cessna 172 and a long runway at non-towered airport.

Traffic Pattern (Circuit)

Traffic pattern or circuit - how to fly the standard VFR approach and departure? And how to avoid common mistakes?

How to file Vatsim flight plan

Flight plan form - seems uncomplicated, but even experienced users make mistakes when filling it in. How to file a flight plan for Vatsim flight? And what regional differences pilot may encounter?

VFR Weather Minimums

VFR Weather Minimums or more precisely - Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC). Europe (together with most of the world) and slightly different U.S. rules. When and where can you fly VFR and when a Special VFR clearance is necessary?

Airspace guide – USA (chart reading tutorial)

How to read US sectional charts? How the airspace class influences your flying, which airspace to avoid and where you are free to do what you want? And where dragons are?

Altimeter and Altimeter Setting Procedures – Learn To Fly #5

Altimeter. It's pretty obvious what it shows, but do you know how to set it properly? When to set standard pressure and when to use QNH?

V Speeds – Learn To Fly (#4)

V Speeds - the most important speeds in aircraft operations. Vs - stall, Vne - never exceed, Vx and Vy - climb... always remember the correct values for the plane you fly.

Airspeed Indicator – Learn To Fly (#3)

Airspeed indicator - how to use the most important instrument on a plane? Intricacies of airplane's speed measuring.