vasFMC – freeware FMC for FSX

vasFMC is a freeware Flight Management Computer for FSX. How to upgrade your navigation system to fly RNAV routes and procedures in every plane you have?

Alaskan Bush Pilot – how to set up your FSX

If you like CAVOK - do not read this. Should you prefer fog, rain, short landing strips - Alaska is perfect for you. Set up your FSX for bush flying.

My FSX & PC setup

What are your PC specs? Which add-ons do you use? How do you get this quality? This are common questions that I get. Here are the answers.

Black Screens vasFMC bug – solution

Black or transparent screens is a common bug in vasFMC. Correct reinstall procedure should fix all your problems. Current success rate - 100%.

Transparent cockpit textures in FSX

Fix for Transparent cockpit textures. Problem is caused by faulty product installation and can be easily repaired by correcting errors in FSX.cfg file.


TERRAIN_MAX_AUTOGEN_TREES_PER_CELL. How does this tweak work? How to increase the number of trees? When to limit the number of trees?


DisablePreload=1 tweak for FSX. Boost Flight Simulator X loading speed by disabling default flight preloading when FSX starts.

fsx.cfg location

Where does the Flight Simulator store it's fsx.cfg configuration file? Location for FSX, Acceleartion and FSX:SE in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.