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Wojciech Przybylski

Flaps - 737 vs 747 #1

Flap usage in Boeing 737 NG and 747-400. Similarities and differences between two PMDG aircraft I fly.

KBVS Skagir - ORBX - review (5*)

Skagit Regional Airport shows how the past shapes our world. I will talk about history and about this very nice scenery.

TrueEarth Netherlands - ORBX - review (5*)

Netherlands by ORBX. The best area scenery in my P3D. By far! And in some places - the worst performer. It is a complicated review.

San Francisco - Flight Beam - review (5*)

San Francisco International - a great airport and a significant place in the history of aviation. For P3D by FlightBeam. Amazing work on a marvelous destination.

ESNQ Kiruna - ORBX - review - 5*

Along with Kiruna, ORBX packed two other Swedish airports. Each can take a 737. High quality, the prospect of interesting flights, and the price of a single airport make it a good deal.

Bornholm X - Vidan Design - review 5*

Economical and modest (but in no way cheap). Solid and aesthetically pleasing (but not charming). This is how I see Danish airports. Bornholm is devoid of ornaments and fancy shapes. But it makes me like it even more.

Nordborg - Vidan Design - review 5*

How the hell are you supposed to find Nordborg? Some grass, several inconspicuous buildings, few cars. That’s it. Any farm in the region fits this description. Without GPS finding Nordborg gets interesting.

74S - Anacortes - ORBX

Today I would like to take you to Anacortes - a small town in the state of Washington. We will start at the airport, and then we will go on a trip around the island of Fidalgo to check what else the developer has prepared.

Pedały MFG Crosswind - review (6*)

320 Euro spent on a simulator gadget? Usually, that is hard to justify. Not this time. MFG Crosswind changed my simulation experience more than any other device I have, and that counts for something.

FTX Scotland - ORBX - review (4****)

Scotland. Another piece in ORBX regional puzzle - similar to…

Svalbard-Longyear X - Aerosoft - review (5*)

Trees. I hated the trees in Svalbard - in the default FSX and P3D scenery. Aerosoft cut them out, and that is the reason enough to buy this scenery. 

PAGS Gustavus - ORBX - review (5*)

442 inhabitants. And a far greater number of flights each year.  Gustavus - a small Alaskan town and its very nice scenery.