Black Friday 2016 – hot deals / recommendations

There are hundreds of offers on Black Friday – some good and some mediocre. I listed my favorites.

Hot Picks

Among those who lowered the price, there are a few developers that I put on my short list for purchases a long time ago. Although the order in this part of my text is random, my sympathies may show through what I suggest and how I ordered this list.

ORBX – 35%

Australian developer lowered prices by 35% on all products published before Nov. 1st, 2016. Among them you will find the excellent Global products:

As this subject comes often in your emails let me explain in short what these products do (you can also click on these links to read my review and full explanation).

Global Base is an add-on / extension of Flight Simulator X that changes textures for the whole world. It also improves (changes) autogen, lights, and some objects. But it is only a base for the scenery, not a scenery itself. Your FSX will look considerably better with Global Base, but the roads, cities, forests or lakes will be still in the same position where they were before (or in some cases – they will still be missing).

To upgrade the scenery you need Global Vector (lakes, rivers, shorelines, roads, power lines, etc) and land class (openLC). Vector covers the whole world. openLC covers the area that is indicated in its name (currently only Europe and Northern America are available). openLC (land class add-on) adds new definitions of land – it tells your FSX (or P3D) that a certain place should be covered with urban texture (or a forest, rocky terrain or mountains). openLC also includes customized textures that are similar to those you would find in the region you are flying over (so the fields or cities in Italy will look differently from fields or cities in Sweden once you install the openLC add-on).

ORBX’s regional sceneries are also available:

  • Norway & Northern Germany
  • British Isles (4 FTX regions for each region)
  • North American regions (Pacific Coast in several sceneries)
  • Australia (the oldest ORBX FTX region – but at this price, it’s highly recommended)

As this is one other thing you ask often – FTX regions are independent of Global Base. They are also better than Global + Vector + openLC as they include additional customizations, custom models for the region (like hydro dams and landmarks) and they include enhanced airports.

I could not forget ORBX’s airports (check my reviews here):

Real Environment X – 50%

If you don’t already have REX cloud and sky textures – this is a good moment to buy them. Recently published enhanced airports are also on sale.

Ground Services for FSX -30%

To those who like more in-depth experience on the ground I recommend Ground Services for FSX.

Dash 8 Majestic Software – 33%

One of the few add-ons that I haven’t tried on this list, but it’s on my short list and I will buy it as soon as I have enough time to fly it – the Dash 8 by Majestic Software.

Weather (Active Sky) – 30%

HiFi once again sells their Active Sky 2016 weather engine 30% cheaper. If you have Active Sky Next – look for upgrade license that is a little cheaper. P3D users should find a license for their sim.

Drzewiecki Design – 60%

At the price range between 9 and 18 Australian Dollars – sceneries by Drzewiecki Design are a must have. My personal recommendation is – Polish Airports series. Each of these contains 3 to 4 airports that are beautifully captured. And they perform exceptionally well. PAv1 contains Katowice (EPKT), Gdańsk (EPGD), Lublin (EPLB) and Rzeszów (EPRZ).

Katowice (poprzednia wersja scenerii)

Katowice (the previous version of PAv1 scenery)

Other interesting products

Vidan Design -30%

Danish airfields and airports by Vidan Design – I love them all. Small (or tiny) airports and airfields (sometimes just private strips) with meticulously designed surroundings. A pleasure to fly to.

Check out my reviews:

Megascenery Earth

Megascenery sells their US states. I think that at 50% of the normal price – they are more than worth buying.

Check out my video of Swiss Alps by MSE.


Nemeth Designs’ helicopters come at half the usual price. I am not a great fan of ND choppers but I have three of them and I use them from time to time. I got them all in similar sales and I am quite satisfied with my choice. I suggest you stay clear from the cheapest helicopters by ND – they are quite old. Newer products show much higher level.


Again – one of these companies that I rarely look at, but I have several planes from Razbam (bought on sales) and I fly them occasionally. Harrier is my favorite.

other sales

With one exception (Dash 8) I mentioned only the products and developers that I personally tested and that I feel comfortable recommending to you. If I have not mentioned a developer – it was for one of the following reasons. In some cases (Taxi2Gate and FSDreamTeam) I don’t have any sceneries and I don’t have sufficient feedback about them to recommend them to you. But they are on my short list and I will probably buy their products someday. The second group consists of several developers that I don’t like – like Virtavia or Abacus. Sorry guys – even on sale the value to quality ratio is terrible. The third group (maybe the largest) consists of the products that I simply never needed or never wished to have. So I don’t know anything about them.

Black Friday 2016 - hot deals / recommendations
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Black Friday 2016 - hot deals / recommendations
There are hundreds of offers on Black Friday - some good and some mediocre. I listed my favorites.