Black Friday 2015 – recommendations

Hundreds of FSX add-ons on SALE! What to choose? Do not miss any interesting offer! My guide to the biggest FSX sale this year. 


My choice…

I share my opinions and suggestions. I selected add-on developers that I am familiar with and I respect (in most cases) or have some knowledge about. In some rare cases I am discouraging you from buying planes made by a company that I… find overpriced.

I a company that has it’s products on sale does not appear in this guide – it usually means that I either have no knowledge about it’s products or I am neutral and can not honestly recommend it’s add-ons.

Where to find Black Friday sales?

For European Union residents Simmarket is usually more expensive than stores located in US and Australia. Currently I use four FS add-on stores for majority of my purchases.

My recommendation


If you see this mark – it means that I strongly recommend this product (or products). Usually they are on my “must have” list.

Weather add-ons

REX (sky and clouds) (-50%)


Currently the best add-on improving (totally changing!) cloud and sky textures in FSX – REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds

Weather engine – Active Sky Next


Again – the best in it’s class Active Sky Next provides real world weather for Flight Simulator (including real winds at cruise altitudes). it also features historical weather mode and weather editor.

Global sceneries (-35%)


Airport sceneries

Drzewiecki Design (-50%)


Drzewiecki’s detailed airports of New York, Moscow, Tallin and a great set of all large airports in Poland. Additionally – New York, Miami and Warsaw cityscapes. All sceneries between 10 and 19 Euro.

ORBX (-35%)


A great deal from ORBX. Their small and medium size airports are a class for themselves. I have already reviewed several of them and I will be reviewing next. It’s enough to say that two of my three 6-star ratings went to ORBX sceneries. Some of my recommendations (browse through the “specials” to see all ORBX sceneries).

Cielo Sim (-35%)


A very nice Palo Alto scenery by Cielo Sim.

Taxi to Gate (-30%)

I am considering buying several airports from Taxi to Gate – Istanbul, Seattle, Hamad.

FSDreamTeam (-30%)

Usually I consider their sceneries a little overpriced so -30% makes them more interesting. Among others FSDT created Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, Zurich…

Pacific Islands Sim (-40%)

Beautiful sceneries of Pacific Island Sim are much more interesting when the price was lowered by more than one third. I waited a long time to buy one of their sceneries and I will probably choose one in a moment.

FS Pilot is slightly cheaper than PC Aviator.

FWI (-50%)

Canary Islands at half the usual price. I was strongly considering buying the set of their sceneries for $25… but I am still not convinced by the screenshots they provided.


They are on SALE so often that I no longer look. Once again a case of unconvincing screenshots.

Area sceneries

ORBX (-35%)


Once again ORBX stole my heart. My favorite sceneries from this developer:

MegasceneryEarth (USA photosceneries) (-50%)

I consider their US sceneries a little overpriced. At half the usual price they look very interesting.

FS Genesis (mesh)

I recommend a freeware FreeMeshX instead.

Planes and helicopters

Metal2Mesh (-25%)

Looks nice – I have just bought it.

ORBX (-35%)

ORBX is known for thei sceneries but they have also published three planes. Lancair looks good and Vans has some very interesting systems.

Cera Sim (-50%)

Helicopter devalopment studio. I was considering their helicopters even before they put them on sale.

PC Aviator is 2 cents cheaper than FS Pilot Shop

Razbam ($10)

RAZBAM and another $10 sale of it’s products.

The Metroliner is highly rated (I would buy it if I had not bought PMDG JS4100 a few days ago).

Harrier looks nice and flies nice – just be aware of it’s oddities when trying to turn engine nozzles down (FSX limitations are still visible). Do not buy both Harriers (U.S. and British). You can install British repaints on U.S. Harrier – models and as far as I know the flight dynamics are the same.

In case of other add-ons – take a look at their screenshots. Do not expect the PMDG or A2A level but I do not think you will buy anything better than RAZBAM at $10.

Nemeth (-50%)

It’s a good price for their add ons. I have three helicopters from this developer. I fly two of them. The third no longer flies since I installed all patches… I am quite satisfied but I do not expect much from them.

PC Aviator and FS Pilot Shop have the same prices.

Lionheart (-50%)

An interesting Kodiak and a good looking Epic Victory were followed by some strange creations. On sale they are worth considering.

Just Flight (-25%)

For me – not detailed enough and far too heavy on my system. On sale – worth your consideration but I do not recommend them.

Area 51 (-50%)

Some unusual planes here.

FS Pilot Shop

Iris (-25%)

Quality to price ratio improves when the price is 25% lower. Recent planes are worth your time and money (Texan Driver, Grob, etc.). Older (F-14 or Vulcan) are definitely too old. Some still lack important bug fixes (Vulcan especially).

Flight Replicas, RLaborie, Golden Age

A large selection of cheap planes.


They were cheap and they are cheaper… Quality is… Current price looks suitably.

Ariane Design (warning)

They were very expensive and… (legal department removed my comments). Currently they are expensive… I stay clear of AD’s add-ons.

Abacus (warning)

No… it’s simple.

Other add-ons

FSDT – Ground Services X (-30%)

I have it and I recommend it.

Black Friday 2015 - recommendations
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Black Friday 2015 - recommendations
Hundreds of FSX add-ons on SALE! What to choose? Do not miss any interesting offer! My guide to the biggest FSX sale this year.