About me

Hello, my name is Wojciech Przybylski. Welcome to my blog.

I’ve been blogging about flight simulation since 2011 and this is my new website where I write in English to share my posts with wider audience. My other blog – is written in Polish.

I’ve been aviation enthusiast since I was 7, when I got my first book about planes. Addiction to simulation software followed soon with Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat being my first sim (anyone remembers that one?). As I spent about 3/4 of my life reading about planes, flying and aviation procedures I acquired some knowledge that I would like to share with you.

You might have noticed that there are many historical references in my texts and that I spend a lot of time writing about navigation. Yes – I am a history fan and I can not help myself including this pieces of information that are sometimes completely irrelevant to aviation. As to the navigation – I am a Yacht Skipper and I love learning about navigation techniques.

If you wonder why C-Aviation changes a little every now and then – I am a freelance web developer by profession and I also use C-Aviation as a playground and test site for new solutions. I hope that you will like the result – I try to choose best tools for this site.

What is it all about?


There are two main topics that the blog will cover – simulation software and aviation training. As you can probably see – I started with flight sim add-on reviews. I think it is important to pass a good word whenever I try a good add-on. You will see less of the bad reviews – I usually do not have time to spare testing bad add-ons and writing about them later. I consider 1 and 2 stars a bad review. 4-5 (or even 6) is a good review. 3 is a good review with some (many) reservations.

FSX Help

Using MS Flight Simulator X for some years I learned how to improve, fix and configure it so that it looks and performs well. Fixes of FSX problems and tweaks have already their respective categories on this blog and the number of posts about them will grow as I get my notes organized.


I called this project “Routes” and my intention is to show you interesting places in FSX. I am describing how my flights are planned and how to actually fly this routes.

Learn to fly

This is a part of this blog that I will develop soon (as of September 2015). Currently I have a lots of tutorial posts on my Polish blog and I will bring them here in next few months. I do not want to make a simple translation – with feedback from my readers I should be able to improve them and I hope that a better (clearer and more helpful) version will appear here.

English blog written by a non-native English speaker

I do my best to correct mistakes that I made but as a non-native English speaker I’m sure that I make some. If you have noticed anything that should be corrected – please email me at Your help will be appreciated.

Contact me!

If you wish to ask for an advice or you would like to suggest any improvements, addons or topics – just email me ( or send a message on facebook.

Ads on my site

Advertisements contribute to this site being online and help cover server and domain fees. I tried to keep them unintrusive. Should you find this site worth supporting – you can always donate using PayPal button at the bottom of every text.